Welcome to Our Salon, Where We take your hair goals

seriously and safely obtaining Your Look Is Our Highest Priority.

We are  professional stylists who will protect the integrity of your hair.

We strive to maintain healthy hair while working towards Your Look 

We promise our services are worth the time and financial investment.​ 

We look forward to seeing You Soon #YourLookToday!

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We are not yet as connected with the community as we'd like to be.
In the past we hosted Blood Drives, Toy Drives, Disaster Relief, volunteered services at a women's shelter & supported fund raising events of all kinds ... we believe that humanity needs all our help to get this world back on track.

We are looking forward to that level of connection here in the North Austin area.

Please feel free to contact us with requests for donations and event participation invitations. We are very selective with whom we choose to donate to but we are also very generous with those donations once we have allocated them. There are many causes that we are passionate about - yours may fit into one of those categories... It never hurts to ask so shoot us an email using the link on our contact page and we will be happy to take a look at your request and let you know.