Dear Reviewers & Potential Clients,

   While we & other review readers very much appreciate your feedback , please keep in mind that you are suppose to tell the truth - not a slanted / slanderous version if you are angry that we refused service for safety & sanitation issues. These issues include but are not limited to Nail Fungus, Skin Warts, Head/Body Lice - Among other serious communicable issues.

It is our right & responsibility to protect you, our clients as well as ourselves from communicable disease. We will not work on Nails affected with nail fungus, Skin with obvious signs of infection or hair with issues such as head lice.

 Please read all reviews filtered as well unfiltered and take from them what you want to believe.  In the end we know our decisions to have higher safety & sanitation standards is the correct one even if it offends the people we can not /will not service.

We Recently Donated To A Fund Raiser

& Somehow The Denominations They Chose To Put On Many Of The Certificates Were Much Higher Than What We Agreed To -

Due To This We Have Created Some Changes to accommodate all future donated certificates

Change 1 - Effective  1/1/2017 all certificates gifted by us to an organization for fund raising will be applied to your account (person redeeming cert) in full as soon as presented - Then you can use up to $100 of that certificate immediately  .. after that

Change 2 - You can use the balance towards up to 50% of all hair services only until used in full.

Example: $120 ticket you pay $60 or more & up to $60 can come off your account 

We Are Located Inside Salons by JC Davenport Village

We are not yet as connected with the community as we'd like to be.

In the past we hosted Blood Drives, Toy Drives, Disaster Relief  &  supported fund raising events of all kinds ...

We are looking forward to that level of connection here in the North Austin area.


Please feel free to contact us with requests for donations and event participation invitations.