• highlight
  • ​Balyage
  • color 
  • trim and cut
  • blow out
  • updos and styling
  • perms
  • Smoothing
  • Japanese straightening
  • hair extensions


All Salon Service Prices are "Start At" ~  final cost is based on your hair & determined by length, volume, desired result & what it takes to achieve Your Look etc... 

If you are looking for a drastic style change we are more than capable of getting you where you want to go however, it may take more than one step. Many people have unrealistic goals when it comes to major chemical changes and the "I want it now" mentality can lead to damaged hair and no one wants that. We pride ourselves on being able to get you to Your Look safely & will not compromise the integrity of your hair to save a few bucks. Consultations and a game plan for big changes are always a great idea & we welcome them. We also encourage you to bring images of the look you would like to achieve, if we can see it we can get you there.


Welcome to Our Salon, Where We take your hair goals

seriously and safely obtaining Your Look Is Our Highest Priority.

We are  professional stylists who will protect the integrity of your hair.

We strive to maintain healthy hair while working towards Your Look 

We promise our services are worth the time and financial investment.​ 

We look forward to seeing You Soon #YourLookToday!

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